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Applying for and maintaining your UIS accounts

Accounts on main services

  • Incoming undergraduates and postgraduates are automatically registered, before arrival, on the three main UIS systems (Raven web authentication, Hermes email and Desktop Services). Most students are able to collect their passwords before they arrive as part of the student registration process.
  • Incoming members of staff or academic visitors to a University institution or college are usually registered by their institution in advance. You can collect the password to your accounts when you arrive; you will be asked for a registration code supplied by your institution.

If accounts have not yet been set up for you or you wish to apply for additional accounts, then you will need to complete an Application for University Information Services Resources form.

Requests for computing resources are usually processed within one working day, although there may be a delay at really busy times such as the start of the Michaelmas term. Account details will be available on the working day after processing, and will be sent out via the University Messenger Service.


All accounts on the main UIS services – and almost all of our IT training courses – are free of charge.

All printing to UIS printers is charged, as are ancillary services such as disk copying and recovery. The University is charged for its connection to the internet; colleges and departments contribute to the cost depending on the total volume of traffic between JANET and the institution and this charge may or may not be passed on to the end user.


If you require a CamCORS supervisor account, you can apply for an account online

Increase in your filespace quota

If you require an increase in your filespace quota for a system on which you already have an account (DS-Filespace or Hermes), you can apply for an increase online:

Email directories

Information Services maintains two email directories:

Last updated: June 2017