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Staff leaving the University

University computing accounts are normally cancelled shortly after UIS becomes aware that staff have left Cambridge. Your Raven account is retained, however, giving you continued access to the University Lookup Directory so you can update your contact details.

How do we know you've left?

This information might have been gathered:

  • from a data feed from the University HR system, CHRIS
  • from information supplied by your institution, either at the time that the person was first registered with UIS, or later
  • from information supplied by the user either at the time of registration or later
  • because accounts are – or appear to be – unused.

How much warning will I get before my account is deactivated?

Leavers are normally sent a warning email before cancellation actually happens. You will have about a month to tidy up your accounts. 

In exceptional circumstances, accounts may be cancelled at very short notice, if, for example, they are causing a problem or if an institution specifically requests cancellation.

Your University of Cambridge Microsoft account

You should plan to move any data you have stored in your University Microsoft account before leaving Cambridge, as it is difficult to be precise about when you will lose access. For full details, see:

What happens to my University Microsoft account when I leave Cambridge?


What if I need to request a short term extension to my account?

See: Short Term Account Extensions for Staff, Postdocs and Certain Research Students

What happens when I retire?

It is normal practice to allow retiring staff who are receiving a University or College pension to keep their Information Services' accounts.

This is subject to the usual conditions, and that the accounts are for personal use only. For details, follow the appropriate link in the email warning of cancellation.