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Using Raven after you leave Cambridge

From the Summer of 2013, staff, students and academic visitors leaving the University will not have their Raven account automatically cancelled. This allows former members of the University to continue to use their Raven login to access a limited set of services after they have left Cambridge.

When you leave Cambridge, your UIS computing accounts are routinely deactivated and your passwords will no longer work. The one exception is Raven.

If you left Cambridge in the Summer of 2013 or thereafter, your Raven account will remain active, and will grant you continued access to a limited range of services provided by the University, Colleges and Institutions (see below).

In addition to the default list of services, some people may also be given access to other resources at the discretion of their College of Institution.

One immediate benefit is that you will still have access to the University Lookup directory, so you can manage your forwarding address and maintain contact with your Cambridge peer network.

Over time, other uses for Raven authentication may be introduced for alumni.


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What can I use my Raven account for?

    • Access to the Careers Service.
    • Access to the University Lookup directory.
    • Maintaining your contact information in Lookup, and controlling who can see it.
    • Specifying an alternative email address to be included in the autoreply to messages received by your @cam email.
    • Access to CamSIS (Extended Self Service options only, from 16th June 2015 onwards).
    • Access to your alumni email account (if you graduated in summer 2018 onwards).

What can't I use my Raven account for?

Continued access to all the other online resources you formerly used with your Raven login.


Last updated: June 2018