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ADFS: Microsoft authentication portal

University Microsoft account authentication is managed by the ADFS (Active Directory Federated Service). It is similar to the Raven/Shibboleth authentication service. Your user account is created and managed by the University's Blue Active Directory, and your login information – not including your password – gets synced to Microsoft's Azure Active Directory in the cloud every 3 hours.

Your password remains within Cambridge. On UIS' systems, your password is "hashed" – an irreversible cryptographic technique used to add to its security.

If you access the Microsoft portal (e.g. for Office 365, OneDrive for Business or Exchange Online with a University account) you will be forwarded to the University's Microsoft authentication page to log in securely to use these services:

microsoft portal login screen

Log in with your email address, and UIS Password.
You can manage your UIS Password with the UIS Password Management application.