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Accounts and passwords

Your UIS Password, together with your CRSid (your University ID) lets you log in to the University’s computing services such as Wi-Fi, Desktop Services, your Cambridge email, Moodle, CamSIS and other online resources protected by Raven authentication.

How to get your UIS Password


The Student Registry will email you about completing your registration and collecting your CRSid and temporary UIS Password before you start your course at Cambridge. These will be sent to the email address you gave when you applied to the University. You can change your password to something more memorable on the UIS Password Management site.

Staff and visitors

Your CRSid and Registration Code will be given to you when you arrive at your institution. You will need to use these on the new user sign-up page to set up a temporary initial password. Make a note of this initial password, as you will not be able to retrieve it again. You must change your password to something more memorable on the UIS Password Management site.

Administrative staff

Your Administrative Computing Network (ACN) username and password will be given to you by the UAS Service Desk when you arrive at Cambridge. These give you access to your UAS email (unless you are in ICE), the ACN Desktop, its storage drives and the Remote Desktop. You'll be prompted to change your password every 80 days. If you forget, your account will be locked and you will need to contact the UAS Service Desk to get your access reinstated.

Choosing a strong password

Your UIS Password protects both your personal data and the University’s computing systems. Please don't share your password with anyone else, no matter how much you trust them. When setting your password, make sure you use a strong password that you can remember. Please don't use your UIS password on any other sites or systems.

Forgotten passwords

Please configure your account's password recovery options on the UIS Password Management site. If you forget your password, you can then reset it easily to regain access to your account via the self-service password recovery site

Most colleges and departments also have an authorised password resetter who can give you with a code to reset your password. You can also get one by visiting UIS.

Problem solving

If you're having problems accessing online University systems, use the Raven test page to check that your UIS Password is working correctly. If it isn't, you'll need to recover your password (see above). 

If your password is working but you're still having problems accessing a particular system, you'll need to contact your local IT support to arrange access. If they're unable to help, contact the UIS Service Desk.