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Will you be recorded?

Our lecture capture systems are designed to focus on the lecturer, but it's possible that students might be recorded as well.

Are you likely to be recorded?

Our lecture capture facilities are designed to only record the lecturer wherever possible. We use directional or lapel microphones and, where cameras are present, position and focus them towards the lectern.

However, microphones may occasionally pick up student voices – particularly where conversations are held near the lectern. In most cases, this is very faint and students can't be identified, but that isn't always guaranteed. Cameras may also capture student faces depending on the seating arrangements for the theatre – for example, when you're entering or leaving the room.

Students who are explicitly presenting material to the class (as a guest speaker, or part of a panel or group presentation) would normally be considered as 'lecturers' who are required to opt in to be recorded. If you are presenting material you may want to review the information for lecturers, which includes links to the lecture capture policy and the consent form you'll be asked to complete. This doesn't apply if you're just asking a question during the lecture.

How to avoid being recorded

While the risk of capture is low, students have the right to request that they are not captured or that their image or voice is removed from captured recordings. 

If you'd prefer not to be recorded, you can: 

  1. Avoid areas that might be recorded: Your Department will be able to tell you which areas of the room are not recorded, or are least likely to be picked up in a recording, so you can sit in these areas during the lecture.

  2. Ask your lecturer to pause the recording when you ask a question: If you want to ask a question, but don't want to be recorded, you can ask the lecturer on the day to pause the recording or, if pausing is not available, to edit the recording to remove your voice afterwards.

  3. Mind the lectern before and after the session: If you approach the lecturer before or after the session to ask a question, be mindful that lectern capture equipment may be active. If you are discussing something confidential, it's best to ask the lecturer to move away from the lectern to ensure this is not captured accidentally. If you forget, you can ask the lecturer to check the recording before release to see if anything needs to be edited.

Any questions?

If you have any concerns about recording, or opting out of lecture capture, we encourage you to speak to your Department in the first instance. You can also contact us at:  to discuss.

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