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Examination Handout for Students

UIS supports the Board of Examinations in the computer provision for examinations with adjustments through the provision of classroom facilities, a secure Windows Desktop environment and technical support.

NB: This page is also available as a download

Examination General Information

  • Drawings and equations during the examination must be written on paper, numbered and referenced in the main text - Your Word Template file is for text only.
  • Foreign Keyboards need to be added by yourself before the examination commences.
  • Spell Checker in Word is available for use.
  • You cannot print out your examination paper until you have finished your examination paper.
  • You will only be able to use your Word Template file during the examination.


DO NOT create a different file for each question, just insert a Page Break and begin a new question on a new page within your template file.

Before the Exam

Selecting Foreign Keyboards prior to Exams

  • From the main screen select Control Panel icon in the taskbar and then Region & Language

sho 1a

  • From Keyboards and Languages tab select Change keyboards


  • From General tab select Add and select the appropriate keyboard from the selection and click OK


To be able to switch between the keyboards easily, it is advisable to ensure that the float on desktop option is set for the keyboards.

  • To set this select Control Panel Shortcut on the Taskbar and then select Region and Language

sho 1a

  • From Keyboards and Languages tab select Change keyboards” and then from Language Bar tab.
  • Tick the Floating on Desktop option and click Apply and OK

sho 3

Magnifying the screen

You can use the Zoom utility within Word 2013 which is located under the View Tab in Word 2013.

 sho 2a

You can also adjust the size of the font and icons from the Desktop by selecting Control Panel then Display

sho 3a

Select Smaller, Medium or Larger options. You will need to log off for them to become effective.

During the Exam

If you accidentally close down your Word examination template during the examination, call the Invigilator who will be able to help you regain access to your examination template.

After the Exam

Save your completed document and print it off for the Invigilator. Leave the Word application open on your screen.