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Examination Day and what to expect

UIS supports the Board of Examinations in the computer provision for examinations with adjustments through the provision of classroom facilities, a secure Windows Desktop environment and technical support.

All Examination Candidates registered with the Board of Examinations for Examinations with adjustments will sit their Examinations on a computer in a dedicated invigilated classroom environment. The Board of Examinations publish the exact dates in advance to all candidates who have registered for Examinations with Adjustments.

The Examinations with Adjustments period typically runs from May to June annually.

On Examination Day make sure that you have brought with you any keyboard crib sheet or special equipment that has been authorised for your use at an Examination Open Day by a Board of Examinations representative.

Upon arrival at the dedicated classroom where you will be sitting your examination the Invigilator will record your attendance and allocate you your seat for the duration of the examination.

When you sit down on at your allocated desk you will find a paper handout that details general examination information including how to setup any foreign keyboard support you may require for use during your examination, how to access the zoom facility in MS Word, how to change the text size of your display and what to do in the event you accidentally close down your examination paper on the DS-Exams system. It also details what to do when you have successfully completed your examination.

On the classroom computer you will be presented with the DS-Exams Login screen.  Do not log into the system until you are told to do so by your Examination Invigilator.

You can view the below video to gain a detailed look at how the DS-Exams Login process works so you know what to expect when your Examination begins.