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Computer Provision for Examinations with Adjustments

UIS supports the Board of Examinations in the computer provision for examinations with adjustments through the provision of classroom facilities, a secure Windows Desktop environment and technical support on the Managed Cluster Service

The DS-Exams service is provided on the Managed Cluster Service (Microsoft Windows platform only) for students taking examinations with adjustments (i.e. those students authorised by the Board of Examinations to use a computer rather than writing their examination answers by hand).

The DS-Exams service consists of the following components:

  1. The use of the service on any Managed Cluster Windows workstations.
  2. A Self service management portal for creating template and examinations sessions for your institutions managed cluster windows workstations.
  3. Delivery of examinations with adjustments is via an in-house developed UIS examinations application. The application incorporates MS Word, an individual Word document template for each candidate with any special requirements (fonts, visibility aids, colours), and no internet access. The DS-Exams system uses locked-down user examination profiles that automatically save all document changes on a two-minute schedule to dedicated centralised examination file servers.
  4. An Invigilator administration session, which uses delegated permissions for accessing various components of the DS-Exams service while an examination is being undertaken.

During the main examination period in 2018, 1435 examinations (634 examination papers) were sat by 349 students using the DS-Exams service, with UIS and Board of Examinations staff providing support from Monday to Friday, on weekends and on Bank Holidays.

For Use by an Institution.

The Board of Examinations must approve authorisation to use the DS-Exams Service.

Email to obtain the required authorisation.

Proof of this authorisation along with a Purchase Order for the use of the DS-Exams service for the academic year must be sent via email to .  The current cost to use the service for an institution for the academic year is detailed in the UIS IT Service Catalogue.

Once authorisation and purchase order have been received and confirmed by UIS, you will need to email with the required IDs of the university staff who will be configuring your institution examinations so they can be granted permissions to the self-service management portal for the DS-Exams system to setup your institution and examinations accordingly.