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Research analytics application

What is the Research Analytics application?

It is a web-based and Raven-protected graphical reporting interface, developed by UIS to provide the senior administration of the University with access to a dozen or so key measures related to Research activity.

These measures are designed to support strategic decision-making. As well as looking at historic trends, some of the measures support forecasts into the future.

Who is it for?

The application is not intended for widespread use, and has been developed specifically to satisfy the strategic decision-making requirements of the senior administration of the University (e.g. the Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice Chancellors, Heads of School and Committee members). School Finance Managers and Heads of Department are also able to access, but it is not intended for use below this level.

Where does the data come from?

Data to support the application is provided by the Planning and Resource Allocation Office (PRAO) on a monthly basis as part of their Yellow Book production process.

This data is derived from pFACT/X5, CUFS and the RCO database. It is typically uploaded on or around the 10th of each month.

If more up to date information is required, users will need to refer to the relevant core system(s) instead.

What are the benefits of the application?

Whereas the Yellow Book is a static output that is produced just once a month, the Research Analytics application allows users to manipulate the data as required – by filtering, grouping and sorting in a multitude of different ways.

Users can also drill down on graphs, de-select and re-select graph series and output the results to PDF. Each measure also provides a data download capability where users are able to export the underlying information to CSV for further investigation where required.


Following an intensive period of requirements gathering in late 2012, the Research Analytics application was initially released in May 2013 to a very limited group of users (VC, PVCs, Heads of School and School Finance Managers) This initial version did not have any segregation of data, and all users were able to view all content – as initially requested.

A second version was released in early 2014. This contained additional department-level access restrictions and allowed the application to be made available to Heads of Department. There are no plans to extend access below this level.

Want to know more?

Should you have any further questions related to the Research Analytics application, please email .