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Data storage for individuals

UIS currently offers three third-party cloud-based data storage services that you can associate with your @cam email address: OneDrive for Business, G Drive and Dropbox Business.
  • OneDrive for Business – Microsoft's cloud-based file hosting service, which is available to people who are eligible for a University Microsoft account. It offers 1TB of storage space.

  • Google Drive – Google's cloud-based file hosting service gives each member of the University free, unlimited file storage that has an individual file size limit of 5TB.

  • Dropbox Business – Dropbox's paid-for cloud-based file hosting service, which is available to Cambridge students and staff at a heavily-discounted rate through the University using their @cam domain email address.


Comparison table 

One Drive

for Business

G Drive icon black


Dropbox logo

Dropbox Business

Integration with
Microsoft Office 365
Y Not enabled Not enabled
Online slide show Y Y Y
Drag-and-drop file upload Y Y Y
Create and share folders Y Y Y
File encryption Y Y Y
SSL file transfer Y Y Y
Cost Free Free

£75 (+VAT where applicable)

Storage size 1TB Unlimited Unlimited
File size limit 10GB 5TB None
File recovery 90 days 30 days Unlimited
Access permission File/folder levels File/folder levels File/folder/group levels

Information stored

UK data centres Worldwide (EU-US Privacy Shield) EU data centres

University data classification

Suitable for Level 2 Suitable for Level 2 Suitable for Level 2


Microsoft cloud Managed by Google Managed by Dropbox

Mobile App Support

Android Y Y Y
Windows phone Y N Y