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FAQ: Should I upgrade to the latest version of EndNote? I have a copy of the program purchased under the CHEST site licence.


There are several things which you should consider:

More recent versions of EndNote include added features which you may find useful for your work (for example the ability to synchronise with EndNote Online).

If you are already planning to upgrade to MS Word 2013 you will have to upgrade to EndNote X7 at the same time because versions X6 and earlier are not compatible with Word 2013.

HOWEVER, if your existing computer and the version of MS Word that you use are both several years old and you do not wish to replace/upgrade either in the near future, you should consult the compatibility tables on EndNote's support pages (scroll down for the table). In particular, if you are still using Word 2003 this will not work with EndNote X7 and you may find that the latest version of EndNote is slow on very old machines.

If you are very close to finishing/submitting an existing project it may be advisable to wait until this is completed before installing an upgrade in case of any technical problems.

You should uninstall the existing copy of the program, using the uninstall command from the EndNote customizer menu (mac) or add/remove programs (Windows), rather than simply deleting it, to avoid conflicts when you install your newly purchased version.

The Computing Service runs a course on basic use of EndNote each term (see Endnote for Bibliographies courses). If you need further help, or if you can't attend the course and would like a copy of the course workbook, email 


Last updated: June 2014