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FAQ: Where is the MHRA style for EndNote on the MCS?


The MHRA update their preferred style guidelines very frequently and because of this Thomson Reuters do not offer MHRA in their standard set. The UCS ll-support have written a style which is available locally on the MCS and can be used via the Styles folder in the normal way. If you have EndNote on your own machine the style may be freely copied for personal use.

The ll-support group have also produced an alternative style, "Cantab", which is designed to satisfy most departments' requirements for consistency and completeness in citation of references and you may like to look at this as an alternative to MHRA.

Whatever style you finally select it is very important that you produce a test document containing a few sample pages of work and ask your supervisor (or publisher) to check whether it satisfies their criteria. Always do this before you have invested significant amounts of effort on writing your work as some layouts may not be capable of being changed automatically - for example EndNote is not able to move references out of footnotes into the body of the text.

To take a copy of a style from a MCS Windows PC:

  • Choose StartComputer, Win 7EndNote
  • From the Styles folder copy MHRA(Cam).ens (or Cantab.ens) to your own filespace, a usb memory stick, or any other media to transport it to a personal machine

The copied style will work equally well with either the Windows or Macintosh versions of EndNote. The simplest way to install it is to double click it so that it opens in EndNote and then choose Save As from the File menu. This will cause a copy of the file to be saved to your personal Styles folder in Documents.

The Computing Service runs a course on basic use of EndNote each term (see Endnote for Bibliographies courses). If you need further help, or if you can't attend the course and would like a copy of the course workbook, email 


Last updated: June 2014