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Why join?

The benefits of membership

CamGrid uses the Condor middleware to allow various groups around the university to federate their computational resources. This means that members can use eachother's resources transparently, with the important caveat that members are always in full control of their own resources. Hence, members decide when and how, e.g. priority-wise, their machines can be used by others. The effect is that the resultant grid infrastructure is greater than the sum of the individual parts. This is because individual users rarely need to make use of resources all the time, so quiet periods invariably coincide with times when other users can utilise their hardware, and vice-versa. This is not idle theory, but has been borne out in practice over the last few years. Furthermore, CamGrid benefits from the occasional central award that helps all its participants, the most recent being a sum of £450k in early 2007. If this efficient way of using computational resources appeals to you then please get in touch with Mark Calleja.