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How to unassign a OneDrive account from a local user account

How to disassociate the OneDrive-University of Cambridge folder from a machine's local user profile.

During the OneDrive installation and/or set-up process, the new OneDrive local folder that is created is automatically assigned to the PC's existing user profile. In most cases this is what is wanted.

However, if the PC changes ownership, or has been used for testing and OneDrive was installed or configured using a different user profile to that of machine's local user, you may need to disassociate the OneDrive folder from the PC user's profile.


  1. Use the File Explorer to locate the OneDrive - University of Cambridge folder:


  2. Use the up icon to go up one level in the directory structure:


  3. Double-click to open the Control Panel:


  4. Under Adjust your computer's settings, click User Accounts:


  5. Under Credential Manager, click Manage Windows Credentials:


  6. Under Generic Credentials, click the expand icon beside OneDrive Cached Credential Business – Business 1:


  7. Click Remove:


  8. At the prompt, click Yes:


  9. Log out and restart the machine.