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How to share your University of Cambridge OneDrive for Business files with other people in the University Active Directory (Blue).

Quick start

  1. In your OneDrive file view, right-click the file you want to share.
  2. Choose Share from the pop-up menu.
  3. Enter the name of the person you want to share with.
  4. Click Share.

Detailed instructions

  1. Start with your files showing in your browser. In this example we are going to share the right-hand photograph, pharos.jpeg, with the user


  2. Right-click on the file to share to reveal a menu of options. Click the Share menu item at the top of the menu:


  3. This will open a dialog box for you to set the options.
    Note: that the default option is to share read/write; the person you share with can edit or replace the file.


  4. Start typing the name (CRSid) of the user. Once you have started to type, a drop-down menu will appear showing matching users in the system (and others that you have previously shared with, even if they are not in the system):


  5. Select the user you want from the menu:


  6. The default option lets you add a message which will be sent to the sharee. Un-tick the "Send an email invitation" option if you'd prefer to not do this. Click the Share button:


  7. Control is then return to the previous page, and you will see a confirmation pop-up message appear for a few seconds.


  8. The receiving user, rjd99, will receive an email carrying your message and a link to the file that has been shared. This email does not come from you and cannot be (usefully) replied to:


  9. In rjd99's OneDrive he can select the "Shared with me" view and see the file:


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