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Managed Zone Service

The Managed Zone Service (MZS) provides domain name registration and DNS hosting for web servers that are hosted within the CUDN but are known by non names. The MZS may also provide DNS entries for mail servers. The MZS is a charged service.

Please email  if you have any queries or wish to apply for the managed zone service.

On application, a University purchase order for £200 or a College purchase order for £200 plus VAT will be required.

The manager of a domain on the MZS will normally be a member of staff or, exceptionally, a research student of the University of Cambridge. A Raven account is required to access the MZS.

The charge of £200 covers use of the MZS, including registration fees, for a single zone for 5 years, after which a further charge will be made. At present that charge is £200 for a further 5 years. Notice will be given should it prove necessary to increase the renewal charge in the future.

You may wish to discuss the name of the proposed domain with the Institution Strategy group () before applying for the MZS. We can register domains under most top-level domains.

JANET's rules for domains under require the UIS to take responsibility for the University's domains. You are free to use external registrars for domain names under other TLDs; the advantage of the MZS is that the UIS provides consistent management and long-term continuity.

You may wish to consider using the Managed Web Service to host your website and having a Managed Mail Domain to provide email addresses.


If you have any enquiries regarding UIS network services, or other University network topics, please send an email to:

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