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Implementing working best practices when at WCDC.

Equipment maintenance

  • Hot-swappable items

Components designed to be hot-pluggable for example disk drives and power supplies, can be swapped in situ

  • All other components

The replacement of all other components requires the removal of the host unit (e.g. server, storage array) to the Build Room and for the maintenance to be undertaken therein


  • No packaging, excepting anti-static bags, is to enter the Data Hall... Cardboard entering Data Halls is strictly forbidden
  • No accompanying equipment (e.g. trolleys, tools) is to be left in Data Halls
  • No coats, ruck sacks or unessential items should be taken into the Data Halls; these are potential trip hazards
  • Please return any tools or equipment used to where it was found
  • Clean up as work progresses
  • On completion of work, please leave the work area tidy, removing any rubbish and disposing of it correctly

Cleaning schedule

To maintain ISO14644-1 Class 8 standards for particle count in clean rooms, all the data halls are subjected to deep and surface cleans annually by external contracotrs. The deep and surface cleans are conducted approximately six months apart.

Room integrity tests

Conducted annually by external contractors. The rooms tested are: Data Halls 1, 2 and 3, and PPOP and SPOP.

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