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Tools and equipment

WCDC has a range of apparatus to manoeuvre IT equipment around the site, to reduce the need to manually handle heavy items and to assist in mounting devices into Data Hall cabinets.

crash cart

Hall 3 laptop cart

Crash cart

Provides keyboard, monitor and mouse to interface with racked equipment

To be kept in the Data Hall

Laptop cart

Provides a convenient platform from which to use a laptop to interface with racked equipment

To be kept in Data Hall 3

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Miscellaneous tools

Forgotten something?

A range of hand tools can be borrowed, for the duration of the work, from the Operations Room

pallet truck

server lift

Pallet truck

Max. load capacity: approx. 2500Kg For further details click

Server lift

Max. load capacity: approx. 225Kg   For further details click

sack truck

scissor table

Dual sack truck

Maximum load capacity: 200Kg

Dimensions: Can accommodate Dell server boxes - L 935mm x W 625mm

Mobile scissor table

Maximum load capacity: 150Kg

Maximum lift height: 750mm

Small big truck

Big big truck

Small BIG Trolley

Maximum load capacity: 500Kg

Dimensions: Flatbed - 1250mm x 800mm

BIG BIG Trolley

Maximum load capacity: 1000Kg

Dimensions: Flatbed - 2000mm x 1000mm

Contact the data centre

General enquiries and visitor bookings

Monday–Friday, 08:00–18:00

Phone padded  01223 760105

Emergency and out-of-hours contact

Phone padded  01223 760100