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Microsoft Windows Patches

Latest Patches

Please note: The recommended procedure before applying system patches, especially on servers, is to:

  1. Backup system/create restore point.
  2. Reboot the system.
  3. Apply the patch.
  4. Reboot and test the system.

Systems MUST be rebooted after applying a system patch. Rebooting beforehand is a precautionary measure to ensure that your system will restart normally before you apply a patch. If your system fails to restart normally AFTER applying a patch it can normally be regarded as the fault of the patch, and not a different problem.

Microsoft Patch Information

Microsoft release their patches on the second Tuesday of a month. Sometimes additional critical patches are released "out of band" which should be applied as soon as possible.

Users are advised to enable Windows Update and set it to automatically download patches for them. You may prefer to just be notifed that updates are available rather than having them install automatically, but it is vital that your system is up to date.

Information on this can be found on the Microsoft Website at

We also have some general advice for home/stand-alone users which can be found at The Home User Guide to PC Security

For more detailed information the main Microsoft Security page, including bulletin search, can be found at

It is also important that you check for updates for all your software regularly. Many applications now have a facility to do this automatically, you are strongly advised to enable this feature if available.

Links and Patch information for Techlinks can be found on the Techlink Wiki at

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Moodle upgrade on Tuesday 23 July

Jul 16, 2019

Moodle, the University's virtual learning environment, will be upgraded on Tuesday 23 July between 07:00 and 12:00. The service will be unavailable during this period.

Migration of centrally managed rooms from Micad to Booker on 29 July

Jul 12, 2019

We'll be migrating bookings of centrally managed lecture rooms from Micad to Booker on 29 July. Estate Management will retire the room booking module of Micad at the end of this year.

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