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Alternatives to IIS

The most commonly used WWW server alternative to IIS is Apache, of which the UIS have considerable experience. Apache is multi-platform and free. The main site dedicated to Apache is Apache is provided as the default WWW server in Mac OS X and many Linux/Solaris applications.

Apache Configuration and Security

As with any other Windows product running on a server you need to make sure that you keep your server(s) patched from the system point of view. Installation and configuration advice tends to be more version specific and can generally be found in the documentation of that version.

Apache General Security

Like any other commonly-used commercial or non-commercial product Apache has vulnerabilities which are announced from time to time. It is wise to check periodically for security problems with your particular version. Such announcements can generally be found here.

Managed Web Service

If you have a requirement for a web site and are not experienced running Windows systems and not a techlink you should seriously consider the managed web service as offered by the Computing Service before you run your own server for an institution or research group.

See for full information

MCS Personal Web Pages

If a personal web site is required then you have the option of the MCS personal web pages, see

More likely users will want to use a service such as My Space, which removes the localised security threat to a degree, but does have some other potential issues.

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UIS help the Centre for Digital Built Britain move west

Jul 17, 2019

The Network Infrastructure team recently completed a network installation project for the Centre for Digital Built Britain. The installation was part of a series of works to move them into new offices in the Broers Building on the West Cambridge Site.

Moodle upgrade on Tuesday 23 July

Jul 16, 2019

Moodle, the University's virtual learning environment, will be upgraded on Tuesday 23 July between 07:00 and 12:00. The service will be unavailable during this period.

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