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Access to LinkedIn Learning

How to Access LinkedIn Learning

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The use of LinkedIn Learning is available free of charge for all

  • UIS Staff Members
  • University and College IT Staff (TechLinks)

The subscription to the service will be piloted from 17 July 2018 (UIS Staff) 18th July (University and College IT Staff) -16 June 2019, we would encourage all eligible staff to take advantage of the online learning courses during this time.


University Information Services (UIS) staff

Members of the UIS Members Lookup group will be granted access to LinkedIn Learning.

If you are a new starter or do not appear in the UIS Members Lookup group please use this form.

First time use

1. An email will be sent to your <crsid> email address:

  • Click on the Get started now button to activate your account

2. You will be asked to agree to share your Raven ID information with Linkedin Learning. If you are not already logged in to your Raven ID you will be prompted to log in first.

  • Click Confirm


3. You will then be prompted to find the closest match to your official job title in Linkedin Learning's list, this will enable the service to recommend content based on your job role:

4. Next you will be asked to select the skills that interest you. Again, this is to enable Linkedin Learning to recommend relevant content:

5. You will then be taken to the Linkedin Learning homepage and will see a list of recommended content for you.


You are now all set up and ready to use Linkedin Learning!


Accessing after the first time

  1. Visit Linkedin Learning via this link

  2. If you are not already authenticated via Raven, use your Raven ID and password to login


  • Within your web browser, do a search for LinkedIn Learning Sign in
  • Click on the Sign In link
  • If you are not already authenticated via Raven, choose the option to Sign in with your organization account
  • Type in your <crsid> e.g.
  • Click Continue
  • At the Raven prompt, enter your Raven User ID and your Raven password
  • Click Login  

University and College IT staff

  1. Request access using this form
  2. Once you've been grated access, the process is the same as for UIS Staff, as detailed above.

Mobile access 

Information regarding accessing the Linkedin Learning mobile app can be found here

How to Use LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning provide tutorial videos to show you how to use the service:

How to use LinkedIn Learning

Gaining Skills with LinkedIn Learning

IT training courses