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Cancellation of computing accounts of staff and students who have completed their studies at Cambridge

This page describes the procedure for the cancellation of University Information Services accounts for staff, some postgraduate students, and visitors who are believed to have completed their employment, study or visit to Cambridge.

The cancellation of the accounts of undergraduates, and postgraduates on early finishing one year courses, is described elsewhere.

Cancellations take place approximately monthly and usually (but not always) follow a Congregation. Approximately 4 weeks before a scheduled cancellation date a message is sent to everyone who has been identified as no longer being a current member of staff, student or visitor, informing them of the proposed account cancellation. There are options for the user to request a short extension to a cancellation date in the near future if necessary, as well as tell the UIS about moves to other parts of the University or to a College, continuing as a supervisor, etc.

Those who do not respond to the warning message are cancelled on the date given. Those who request a short extension are told their new cancellation date, normally the next or next but one cancellation date, and are cancelled on that date without further warning.

The expected cancellation dates of staff and student accounts are shown in the calendar below. Note that dates more than a year ahead may change if the dates of Congregations change.

If you wish to automatically receive changes then you can add the calendar by URL to your Google Apps @ Cambridge Calendar (Other calendars > Add > Add by URL) or Subscribe to it from a local calendar (copy and paste the URL into your calendar; if you click on the URL link you will either download the calendar file or import it directly into your calendar, depending on the software you use, and the information will then not be updated).

The calendar is available here