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MCS Software

Teaching and learning software on the MCS

The software available differs according to the platform (Linux, Macintosh and Windows) being used. Consistency of application version across all operating systems is maintained where possible. Some MCS PCs are dual boot - offering Linux and Windows operating systems.

Licensing Windows for new PC purchases

We recommend that new PCs are purchased with a Windows 10 OEM license.

Note: The University's EES Agreement only allows for upgrades to an OS license. A Windows license is required for all new hardware purchases. 

Licensing existing PCs to run Windows 10

PCs with an existing Windows 7 license will automatically get a free upgrade to Windows 10, via the University's EES Agreement. Machines without a Windows license will require a new one, which can be purchased from UIS Software Distribution

If you need further information please email:

NOTE: There is no remote access to Windows or Macintosh applications from outside the managed clusters, you can however access Linux applications remotely and also your DS-Filestore.

Desktop operating systems

It is planned that the operating systems for the three MCS platforms in 2017–2018 will be:

  • Linux – Ubuntu 16
  • Macintosh – OS X 11 El Capitan
  • Windows – Windows 10

The list of software that Information Services expect to be available for the start of the Michaelmas Term will be announced by the division of the Easter Term.

Installed applications and utilities

Requests for software changes

All software requests for the next academic year, new additions, upgrades or removals, must reach the Desktop Services Manager by Friday 10 March 2017 using the Software Request Form (2017/8). This applies to MCS Linux, Macintosh and Windows applications.


Installation of new software will start immediately after the end of Full Easter Term. Those teaching during the Long Vacation period should note that the installation of new versions of software during that period may have implications for them as the version available may change.

The full set of applications for 2017–18 should be available from Monday 4 September.

We absolutely encourage those whose teaching depends on these applications to check that they work correctly well before they are due to deliver their session. This allows for any remedial action to be taken before the start of Michaelmas Term.

Last updated: January 2017

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