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Apple Mail for iOS

       There is currently a bug in mobile Chrome preventing the profile installing correctly so please use Safari to install the profile.

  1. Using your iOS device download the Hermes Connection Profile.
  2. When prompted to install the Hermes profile select Install

    Hermes step 2

  3. You are asked to confirm the installation of the profile.

    Hermes step 3

    Select Install Now.

  4. Enter your device's password if prompted (if your device requires a password to unlock it etc. then you will be prompted when installing or uninstalling a profile).

  5. On the Enter Full Name Field screen enter your full name and select Next.

    Hermes step 5

  6. On the Enter Email screen enter your email address (your, e.g. and select Next.

    Hermes step 6

  7. On the Enter Username (for incoming mail server) screen enter just your CRSid (e.g. spqr) and then select Next.

    Hermes step 7

  8. On the Enter Password screen enter your Hermes password (remember this is case sensitive).
    Note that this is your Hermes password; if you use Hermes webmail you can also use your Raven password to log in there, but this is a webmail-only facility (don't confuse the two passwords!) You must use your Hermes password in these instructions.

    Hermes step 8

  9. On the next Enter Username screen (this time it is for your outgoing mail server) enter your CRSid again and then select Next.

    Hermes step 9

  10. On the Profile installed screen select Done to finish the configuration.

    Hermes step 10

If you need to remove the Hermes profile navigate to Settings, then General, then Profiles. Select the Hermes profile and choose Delete.

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