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Hermes Migration checklist

This tick list summarises everything you may need to do when self-migrating your Hermes mailbox.

1. Pre-flight check

    • Check with your local IT staff about their plans for migrating your institution away from Hermes – they may be planning to do it for you.

    • Check your Raven password has been synced with your Microsoft account.

      Note: if you have been using Teams or other Microsoft 365 apps provided by the central University, you do not have to do this.

    • Conditional: Correct any folder name conflicts in your Hermes account.

    • Conditional: If you are planning to change the email client you use after migrating, check all the data you want to migrate has been synced to the email server. If you have any local email archives you have created, or anything you want to keep that is currently in your Drafts and/or Outbox folders you will need to create a new folder in your mailbox and copy them into it. This will ensure that these items are uploaded from your computer to the email server and will be included with your data migration.

    2. Migrate your data

    3. Set up an email client to access your new mailbox (or use webmail)

    4. Get your mailbox ‘back to normal’ using the Outlook Web App

    Hermes Migration User Guide