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Migrate your Hermes Address Book

This is optional. If you used the Address Book in Hermes to store your contacts, you can migrate them into your Exchange Online contacts.

 Once you have migrated your Hermes mailbox, you can use the Hermes Migration application to help you migrate your Address Book.

  1. Log in to Hermes webmail. Click Address Book:


  2. Ensure you are looking at the Personal Addresses list, and click the Export icon to export your Hermes contacts as a file called contacts.vcf:


  3. Log in to the Hermes Migration web page at:
    Click the Choose file button, and browse to the contacts.vcf file you just exported from Hermes:


  4. Click the Convert button to convert your contacts.vcf file into an Outlook CSV format file and save it on your hard drive:


    You can now click the Logout > button.

  5. Use the web access portal to log in to your Microsoft – University of Cambridge account at: and click the People tile:

    People tile

  6. Click to expand Your contacts in the sidebar menu, and from the Manage drop-down menu, select Import contacts:


  7. A new pane will open in the right of your window. Click the Outlook 2010, 2013 or 2016 option:


  8. Click Browse and locate your contacts.csv file:


  9. Click the Upload link, and your Hermes contacts will be imported into Exchange Online:


  10. After a confirmation message, you should see your contacts from Hermes listed: