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Setting a target destination folder

During the migration process you have the option to specify a target folder in place of the default. You may specify a blank target folder (i.e. leave the target folder field empty). It will not destroy your folder hierarchy during the migration, however you should be aware of some behaviours you may encounter as a result.

      If you choose to specify a blank target folder, there are some important things to be aware of BEFORE you do it bacause there can be adverse effects under some scenarios.


  1. Some deleted items in Hermes will remain in Exchange Online.
    During the second (fast) pass, the migration tool normally deletes from your Exchange Online mailbox any items which you'd deleted in Hermes since the start of the first (slow) pass. If you specify a blank destination folder the migration tool can not perform this step so mail deleted from Hermes will remain in Exchange Online.

  2. Using the 'Reset Migration' feature will duplicate your previously migrated items
    If you reset your migration, all items previously migrated will be duplicated. As the mail is being migrated to the standard Exchange Online Inbox folder, you can't just rename the destination folder. If you wish to avoid this, you will need to manually empty the folders in your Exchange Online mailbox.

  3. Sent items will not appear in the Exchange Online Sent Items folder
    IMAP does not specify a standard folder for sent items. Hermes keeps sent items in its own folder called sent-mail, which is just a folder like any other in your Hermes mailbox directory structure. During migration, your Hermes sent items will not be migrated to the Exchange Online mailbox sent items folder (the folder name depends on the email client being used, but is likely to be something like Sent Items or Sent Messages) and can still be found within the migrated Hermes sent-mail folder.


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