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Apple iOS training

Learn how to do the basics on your iOS device – email, contacts and calendars.

Adding email accounts

When you first download the Outlook app on your iPhone or iPad, you need to add an email account.

Adding email accounts - Read More…

Creating and sending email

In Outlook, you can create a new email message, add an attachment or image, and send an email on an iPhone or iPad.

Creating and sending email - Read More…

Viewing and using email

You can read your email, switch between inboxes, filter your email, and reply, forward, print, and delete email messages.

Viewing and using email - Read More…

Managing contacts

Using contacts is a great way to stay in touch with your clients, customers, and colleagues, without having to remember all their email addresses and phone numbers. In Outlook, contacts are called People. You can search your contacts and view a contact's details, emails, meetings, and files.

Managing contacts - Read More…

Scheduling meetings

In Outlook, you can create and send a meeting invite that shows your availability and lets them choose a time that works for them.

Scheduling meetings - Read More…

Creating appointments

In Outlook, you can tap the appointment to see the details and email attendees a note, or let them know you're running late.

Creating appointments - Read More…

Viewing and colour-coding calendars

In Outlook, you can see a list of your appointments, or switch to day or week view. You can also view and color code multiple calendars.

Viewing and colour-coding calendars - Read More…