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How to check your Roaming Profile quota

Your Roaming Profile is a group of folders and settings on your computer that follow you when you log on on different computers. The size of your profile is limited to reduce the impact to performance when it synchronises during log on and log off. If the profile gets too big, it will stop syncing and your settings will not be updated across your different devices.

It is important during the Exchange Online migration to ensure that your roaming profile is not full, so your new email settings are able to synchronise. This prevents you having to run through the setup repeatedly.

Check your profile icon

To check your roaming profile, please look for the icons listed below on the bottom right of your screen. You may need to click the up arrow to expand the icons and see the full list:

roaming profile 1

Normal icon

roaming profile 2 Under normal circumstances, your profile should have this icon, meaning you have space available in your profile.

Nearing your quota

roaming profile 3 If you are running low on profile storage space, you will have this icon. We would advise you clear any files you can from your desktop and save them to network drives.

Over quota

roaming profile 4 If your profile is over quota, you will see this icon. Your profile is no longer synchronising and must be reduced in order to correct the issue.

If you double click on the icon, you will see this screen, which gives a summary of files in your profile, listed by their size. In most cases the large files at the top are the issue and can be saved to a network drive.

roaming profile 5

In this example, the problem file is the video on the desktop. Once moved the profile would be within quota.


Need help?

If you have any queries or are unsure how to locate files causing your profile issues, please contact the UIS Service Desk by email to or calling (01223 3)32999.