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How to add shared Exchange Online mailboxes and folders into Outlook

Although Exchange Online is supposed to automatically add any shared Exchange Online resources (shared mailboxes and personal email archive folders) back into Outlook after you migrate, we have noticed that this doesn't always happen. If you are missing a shared mailbox or personal email archive folder, follow these instructions to add it back in as an additional account in Outlook.

      Note: you will need to know the email address of the shared mailbox or personal email archive folder.

See: Email distribution list email addresses (PDF)

Personal email archive folders should have an email address in the following format (if none of these work for you, contact the UAS Service Desk):

or occasionally:


How to add a shared resource into Outlook as a separate account

  1. Close Outlook.

  2. From the Start menu, open the Control Panel (or search for "Control Panel").

  3. Select User Accounts:

    win10 01

  4. Click Mail (Microsoft Outlook 201X):

    win10 02

  5. Click the Show Profiles button:


  6. In the Profiles list, highlight the profile that connects to your Exchange Online mailbox (for UAS/ACN staff this will be the UCam Exchange Online profile; for others it will be the profile) and click the Properties button:


  7. Click the E-Mail Accounts button:


  8. Highlight your Exchange Online mail account and click the New button:


  9. Complete the fields as follows, using your Exchange Online email credentials:

    Your Name =
    Email address = email address of your shared mailbox or email archive folder
    Password/Retype Password = UIS Password (i.e. the one you use for Raven - NOT your ACN password)

    win10 09

    Click Next.

          NOTE: If using this mailbox email address doesn't work, you'll need to use the full Microsoft Cloud email address for the mailbox. See: How to find the full Microsoft Cloud email address of a mailbox

  10. Click Change Account Settings

  11. Click Next

  12. Click the Finish button:


  13. Click the Close button:


  14. Click the Close button:


  15. Click the OK button:


  16. Open Outlook.

  17. If you are asked to log in again, use your email address and UIS Password (your password for Raven). You should see your shared resource listed as a new account.


  18. Outlook should now display the shared mailbox in the viewing pane to the left of the screen.