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Add a shared Exchange On-Premise (not migrated) mailbox/calendar to Outlook as a separate account

It is possible to access shared mailboxes on Exchange On-Premise, provided that you have Full Access to the mailbox with your original domain logon account [e.g. internal\CRSid for the ACN]. The process requires you to add the shared mailboxes as additional accounts to your Outlook client:

These instructions are also available in PDF format >

  1. Close Outlook.

  2. From the Start menu, open the Control Panel.

  3. Click Mail:


  4. Click the Show Profiles button:


  5. In the Profiles list, hilight the profile that connects to your Exchange Online mailbox and click the Properties button:


  6. Click the E-Mail Accounts button:


  7. Highlight your Exchange Online mail account and click the New button:


  8. Select the E-Mail Account radio button and click the Next button:


  9. Select the Manually configure server settings or additional server types radio button, and click Next:


  10. Select the Microsoft Exchange or compatible service radio button and click Next:


  11. Enter the following:

    a.    Server:
    b.    Untick the Use Cached Exchange Mode checkbox
    c.    User Name: enter the full, primary email address of the shared mailbox, e.g.

    Click the Check Name button to confirm the mailbox can be found. It will underline the entries if it finds it successfully.  

    Note: If it fails to resolve, you may need to ask the Service Desk to confirm the mailbox is not hidden. 
    Once the mailbox has resolved successfully, click the Next button:


  12. Click the Finish button:


  13. Click the Close button:


  14. Click the Close button:


  15. Click the OK button:


  16. Open Outlook.

  17. If prompted at any point for credentials for this newly-added account, please use your local logon details, (e.g. for the administrative computing network (ACN), this would be INTERNAL\CRSid) and click OK:


  18. Outlook should now display the shared mailbox in the viewing pane to the left of the screen.