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UAS staff migration help

These links will help guide you through your migration to your new Exchange Online email account. The links on this page are a quick reference guide, but there is additional information in the 'Exchange Online Migration Guide' PDFs.

Exchange Online Migration Guides

ExOL MIgration Guide cover


Migration Guide for UAS staff (generic)

Migration Guide for Finance Division and Investment Office staff



Pre-flight checks

      Note: if you will be away from the office on your migration date and will not be using your email until after it has been migrated, you can do all eight of your pre-flight checks in one go.

Do these any time before your migration day...


Check your Raven password is synced with the Microsoft Cloud


Check your @cam delivery address in Lookup

Controlling how your name is displayed in the Exchange Online address book

How to check your Roaming Profile quota

Note email addresses of your shared mailboxes [see Migration Guide for UAS staff, page 6];

Create contacts
for external email addresses and University email distribution lists

...and do these the last time you use your email before 6pm on your migration day:

Clear Outlook's Auto-Complete List cache
Empty your Drafts and Outbox folders in Outlook – the contents of these don't get migrated.

UAS Desktop PC users: shut down your PC.

UAS laptop PC users: if possible, we advise bringing your laptop in to the office and leaving it connected to the ACN network on the evening of your migration. If this is not possible, see the instructions for UAS laptop PC users below.


Post-migration wash-up

Log in to Outlook

Your email username and password have changed:

Username =
Password = Raven password

Outlook Web App (webmail)

If you have any problems with Outlook on your desktop/personal devices, you can use the Outlook Web App (OWA) in a web browser until your device-specific issues can be resolved. Log in with your CRSid and Raven password:


Getting Outlook back to normal


Email signatures
Enable your email signatures in Outlook (desktop app), and the Outlook Web App (webmail) if you use it.








Shared mailboxes/calendars and personal archives (Exchange Online)
Your institution's shared mailboxes, calendars and your personal email archive (if you have one) should have been migrated and should automatically appear in Outlook, but if you don't see them, follow these instructions:

Finding the email address of your personal email archive:
Searching your name in Outlook's address book (after you have migrated to Exchange Online) and open your Contact card to show all your email addresses. Archive mailbox addresses are usually in the format:

Shared mailboxes/calendars (Exchange On-Premise – i.e. not yet migrated)
If you need to connect to mailboxes/calendars that have not yet been migrated there are two ways to do it:

UAS laptop PC users

UAS-provided PC laptops:
The process is the same as for UAS desktop PCs, but you must connect your PC to the ACN network so it can download a new Outlook profile.The first tie you connect after migration, the new Outlook profile should be downloaded to your Windows laptop.

Personal laptops:
If you are responsible for installing your own software, you will need to set up Outlook yourself – see the instructions under Set up Outlook on your personal devices below.

Desktop Mac users

You will need to reconfigure your desktop Outlook youself. See:

Set up Outlook on your personal mobile devices

Most devices make very easy to do – just add a new email account in the email app you use on your device, specify that it's an Exchange Online mailbox, and log in with your CRSid and Raven password:



Self-help – see here BEFORE calling for personal support!

Most people will find the solution to common issues here – this is the quickest way to diagnose and solve your problems:

UAS staff post-migration troubleshooting >


On-site support the day after migration

Having done the self-help troubleshooting tests above, if you still need personal help here's where to find it: