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How to migrate your Hermes Address Book to Exchange Online

These instructions are available also as a PDF document >

Once you have migrated your Hermes mailbox, you can use the Hermes Migration application to help you migrate your Address Book.

  1. Log in to Hermes webmail. Click Address Book:


  2. Ensure you are looking at the Personal Addresses list, and click the Export icon to export your Hermes contacts as a file called contacts.vcf:


  3. Log in to the Hermes Migration web page at:
    Click the Choose file button, and browse to the contacts.vcf file you just exported from Hermes:


  4. Click the Convert button to convert your contacts.vcf file into an Outlook CSV format file and save it on your hard drive:


    You can now click the Logout > button.

  5. Use the web access portal to log in to your Microsoft – University of Cambridge account at: and click the People tile:

    People tile

  6. Click to expand Your contacts in the sidebar menu, and from the Manage drop-down menu, select Import contacts:


  7. A new pane will open in the right of your window. Click the Outlook 2010, 2013 or 2016 option:


  8. Click Browse and locate your contacts.csv file:


  9. Click the Upload link, and your Hermes contacts will be imported into Exchange Online:


  10. After a confirmation message, you should see your contacts from Hermes listed: