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How to create a new mail folder and automatically move new email from a specific address into it

These instructions explain how to use the Outlook Web Access portal to set up a rule which will cause any email you receive that was sent to a specific address (e.g. a mailing list) to be moved automatically into a folder. In this example email sent to is automatically moved into a new folder called NumPy.

You will first need to log in to the Outlook Web Access portal: and click the Mail tile to get to your Exchange Online mailbox.

Steps 1-4 describe how to create a new mail folder. If the folder you want to use for this already exists skip to step 5.

  1. Hover your pointer over your mailbox name.


  2. You should see a +  appear. Click on this to create a new folder in your Exchange Online mailbox.


  3. This will create a text box at the bottom of your list of folders for you to give the name of your folder.


  4. In this example we use the name 'NumPy'. Press return after entering the name to create the folder.


  5. Click the cog-wheel to access your Settings.


  6. In the Settings panel click on Your app settings > Mail


  7. In the left hand Options panel, click on Mail > Inbox and sweep rules. We are going to create an Inbox Rule.


  8. In the Inbox Rules section, click the + button to create a new rule.


  9. In the new inbox rule panel give the new rule a name. This does not affect the rule's operation and is only a label.


  10. Next we identify when the rule should act. 
    From the menu of conditions select It was sent or received > Sent to...


  11. This takes you to a panel for identifying an email address. If the email address is in your contacts then you can select it from the list presented. If you prefer typing or it is not in the list, then simply type it after the It was sent to... prompt.  Click on the Use this address menu item that will appear.


  12. Now click Save.
    This does not save the rule as a whole but does save the critical email address.


  13. Next we identify what the rule should do when it does act.
    Select Move, copy, or delete > Move the message to folder...


  14. Next we identify the folder to move the email to. Select it from the list and click OK.


  15. The rule is established but still needs to be saved. Click OK to confirm the rule.


  16. The rule is now active. To leave the options panel, click Options in the top left corner.


  17. This returns you to your email view, but with the Settings panel still visible.  This does not stop you using your email, but if you want to get rid of it click the cog-wheel icon again.


  18. This returns you to where you starts with an extra folder and a rule putting some new email into it.