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How to flag all new emails from a specific address as 'important'

These instructions explain how to use the Outlook Web Access portal to set a Rule that automatically flags any freshly arriving emails from a specific email address as 'important'.

You will first need to log in to the Outlook Web Access portal: and click the Mail tile to get to your Exchange Online mailbox.

  1. To access the Settings click the cog-wheel icon in the top right corner.


  2. In the Settings panel select Your app settings > Mail.


  3. In the Options panel on the left, select Mail > Inbox and sweep rules.


  4. We are going to add an Inbox rule so click the + under Inbox rules.


  5. The inbox rule needs a name. This does not change what it does and is purely a label.
    In this example we call it 'Test account importance'.


  6. Next, select the condition under which the rule is applied.
    Select It was sent or received > Received from...


  7. If we have a contact already established for this address we can select it from the list. Alternatively, we can type the email address we want to target at the It was received from... prompt. If there is a matching contact it will be displayed below, otherwise just hit Return after typing the address.


  8. Click Save.
    This only saves the selected address. It does not save the (as yet incomplete) rule.


  9. Next we identify the action to take when the rule matches.
    Select Mark the message > with importance.


  10. Select the level of importance (High in this case) in the pop-up window and click OK.


  11. Finally, click OK in the top right corner.
    The rule is now saved and active.


  12. To dismiss the Options panel and to return to the Folders panel on the left, click the Options button.


  13. To close down the Settings panel on the right click the cog-wheel icon again.


  14. Note that the importance flag has NOT been retrospectively applied to the existing messages from the selected account. 
    (If you want to create a Rule that you can apply to the messages in your mailbox retrospectively, you'll need to create a 'Sweep Rule' to do that.)


  15. Any future emails from that account will be flagged.