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How to block email from a specific address

Suppose you want to block all email from "" – these instructions demonstrate how to do it using the Outlook Web Access interface, since it is available on all desktop platforms.

You will first need to log in to the Outlook Web Access portal: and click the Mail tile to get to your Exchange Online mailbox.

  1. Click on the cog-wheel icon to pull up the Settings panel.


  2. In the Settings panel, click on Your app settings → Mail.
    This will pull up a left hand panel of mail options.


  3. In the Options panel, click on Accounts → Block or allow.


  4. In the Blocked Senders section at the bottom of the page presented enter an email address you want to block.


  5. Once it it typed correctly, click the large + to the right to add it to the lit of blocked addresses.
    You may repeat these last two stages (add an address, click +) as often as you want.


  6. Click the Save button to record these changes (or click Discard if you have changed your mind).


  7. To get out of the options, click the Options button at the top left of the page.


  8. This will return you to your email page, but with the settings panel still visible. 
    If you want to close it again, click the Settings icon (cog-wheel) one more time.


  9. This will return you to exactly where you started but with the extra address(es) blocked.
    Any email from those addresses will pass directly to your Junk folder.