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Reconfigure Windows Mail in Windows 10 (existing users)

If you are already using Windows Mail, these instructions walk you through how to reconfigure it for your or Exchange Online account

     Before you start

If you haven't done so before, sync your Raven password to the Blue Active Directory by changing your password on the Raven password management site. You can 'change' it to your current password if you want to keep using it – the important part is that you run through the process to trigger the synchronisation process. It may take up to 3 hours for the synchronisation to take effect.


rrors will stop once your password has synced.

  1. Click the Start menu...


  2. ...and click the Mail tile:


  3. Click the + Add account button:


  4. Click the Exchange option:


  5. Enter either your email address (for current students and staff) or your email address (for alumni), and click Next:


  6. Enter your UIS Password, and click the Sign in button:


  7. Enter your (or in the User name field, and click the Sign in button:


  8. This will trigger an error message; click the Advanced button:


  9. Enter the following Server and Account name:
    Server =
    Account name = UCam Exchange Online

    Click the Sign in button:


  10. Click Yes in the alert box:


  11. Click the Done button to close the window:


  12. Click the Ready to go button in the Accounts window:


  13. You will now see your new UCam Exchange Online account shown in Mail, and your inbox will begin to sync:


  14. For Cambridge alumni: if you add your @cam and @alumni* email accounts into the same email client, you will be able to drag-and-drop files from your old @cam mailbox into your new alumni mailbox if you wish to keep the contents of your @cam mailbox after that account is deactivated.

    *Note: On 27 April 2020 email addresses for alumni who currently have a email address were changed to
    See: Changes to your alumni email account.