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Set up Apple Mail on an iOS 10.x device (iPad, iPhone)

Instructions for manually adding your Exchange Online account to an iOS device. Note that there is a set-up wizard available to do this for you automatically – see the Email Set-up Wizards section (link at foot of this page).

This information is also available in PDF format >

Before you start: If you have never done so, sync your UIS Password to the Blue Active Directory by running through the Change Password procedure using the UIS Password Management application at You can keep using your current password – the important part is that you run through the process one time only in order to trigger the sync with Blue, and then onwards to Azure, Microsoft’s Active Directory which ultimately controls your access to Exchange Online services. It may take up to 3 hours for your password to sync to Azure. You can’t complete the Exchange Online configuration until your UIS Password has synced with Azure, and will get error messages when you try to log in. These errors will stop once your password has synced.

  1. Tap the Settings icon:
    Note: if you are setting up a new mobile device for the first time, tap the Mail icon on the Home screen, and skip to step 4 below.

  2. Scroll down, and tap the Mail icon:


  3. Tap Add Account:


  4. Tap the Exchange logo:


  5. Enter your as your Username and tap Next:

  6. Enter your Email, using your address.
    Enter your Password. Use your UIS Password.
    Enter a Description to distinguish this account from any others you have on your device, (e.g. 'Exchange mailbox'):
    Tap Next:


  7. Enter your Username, which is your
    Enter the Server as
    It implies that filling in the Server information is optional, but in reality, the verification process will fail if you do not enter it, and you will be prompted to enter it before you can proceed.


    Tap Next.
    Your account will now be verified. When the process ends, tap Save.

  8. You can choose which apps you want to sync with your Exchange Online account. By default, Mail, Contacts, Calendars and Reminders are set to on. Turn off any apps you don’t want to sync with your Exchange Online account by swiping the green toggle switch to the left.

    Tap Save: