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Set up the Outlook app on Android 6.x and ActiveSync devices

These screenshots were taken on an Android 6.x device, but the set-up process is similar for earlier versions and other ActiveSync devices.

This information is also available in PDF format >

Before you start: If you have never done so, sync your UIS Password to the Blue Active Directory by running through the Change Password procedure using the UIS Password Management application at You can keep using your current password – the important part is that you run through the process one time only in order to trigger the sync with Blue, and then onwards to Azure, Microsoft’s Active Directory which ultimately controls your access to Exchange Online services. It may take up to 3 hours for your password to sync to Azure. You can’t complete the Exchange Online configuration until your UIS Password has synced with Azure, and will get error messages when you try to log in. These errors will stop once your password has synced.


  1. Load the Outlook app and click GET STARTED:


  2. Enter your email address and click CONTINUE:


  3. This will attempt to determine the server automatically and will fail.
    After a few seconds it will offer the additional option to SET UP ACCOUNT MANUALLY.
    Click that.


  4. Select Office 365 as the account type:


  5. It will then redirect to the University’s authentication page.
    Enter your UIS Password and click Sign in:


  6. It will then spend upto a minute completing the log-in before launching Outlook, showing your inbox:


  7. You can adjust your inbox to look more traditional under Settings:


  8. You are now connected to your University account in Exchange Online: