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Set up the native mail client on Android 6.x and ActiveSync devices

These screenshotes were captured from an Android 6 device, but the process is similar in earlier versions, and also works for devices running Microsoft ActiveSync.

This information is also available in PDF format >

Before you start: If you have never done so, sync your UIS Password to the Blue Active Directory by running through the Change Password procedure using the UIS Password Management application at You can keep using your current password – the important part is that you run through the process one time only in order to trigger the sync with Blue, and then onwards to Azure, Microsoft’s Active Directory which ultimately controls your access to Exchange Online services. It may take up to 3 hours for your password to sync to Azure. You can’t complete the Exchange Online configuration until your UIS Password has synced with Azure, and will get error messages when you try to log in. These errors will stop once your password has synced.

  1. Tap the Settings icon


  2. Tap Accounts


  3. Tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Settings


  4. Tap the + symbol


  5. Enter sign-in details:
        Your Username is your
        Your Password is your UIS Password
        Tick the Set as default account checkbox

        Tap MANUAL SETUP to continue.




  7. Configure the settings as follows:
        Email address =
        Domain\user name =
        Password = your UIS Password
        Use secure connection = [tick]
        Use client certificate = [untick]
    Click NEXT >


  8. You will then see an alert asking you to continue if you agree to remote administration of some security features on your device:

    If you agree, click OK.


  9. Configure the Account options as you wish. You will probably want to review the following:

        Period to sync Email: [as appropriate]
        Sync schedule: Push
        Peak schedule: Push
        Email retrieval size: [as appropriate]
        Period to sync Calendar: [as appropriate]
        Set as default account: [tick]
        Notify me when email arrives: [untick]
        Sync Email: [tick]
        Sync Contacts: [tick]
        Sync Calendar: [tick]
        Sync Task: [tick]
        Sync SMS: [tick]
        Automatically download attachments when Connected to a Wi-Fi network: [untick]
    Tap NEXT >


  10. You can now assign a name to this account if you wish; the default is your email address:
    Tap DONE.
    Your new account should soon be ready to use.


  11. If you previously had an Exchange Account set up on your device that has now been migrated, you will want to remove that from your device.  To do this, navigate to the Sync settings screen by tapping:

    Settings > Accounts > Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync > Settings

  12. Tap to select the old Exchange Account you have migrated from, and tap the Menu icon:



  14. You will see a warning dialog box. Tap REMOVE ACCOUNT.


    It takes a minute, but then you’re done.