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Migration issues

I have a problem with my migration, who can help?

First check the Help Sheets, but if that doesn't cover your problem, but if that doesn't address your issue, contact your local migration support team..

Why is my migration from Exchange OnPremise taking so long to finish?

When your email is being migrated from Exchange OnPremise to Exchange Online, it's actually migrating along with a number of other accounts (i.e. the people who booked in the same day and timeslot as you). While migration usually takes 12-24 hours, we have seen some migrations take a little bit longer. This is because someone in the group may have a lot of data to migrate, which slows down the rest of the batch. The migration team will send you an email when your migration is complete. If it’s taking longer than expected, please be patient; we’re migrating people as quickly as we can and aiming to minimise the impact this has on their work. While we understand people want the process to finish as soon as possible, the first (slow) migration phase will not affect your ability to work on your existing email.

Why have I lost some of my delegated permissions?

If your email was on an older version (2007) of Exchange OnPremise, you may find that some of the permissions you previously had, or had granted, might need to be re-added. If this happens, please check that these permissions are still on your email and, if they are not, re-add them. This should resolve the issue.