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Outlook mobile app: how not to invite everyone in an email thread to your personal events

The Outlook mobile app converts dates in emails into a link to make it easy to create an event in your calendar. Be aware that Outlook's default setting will invite everyone who got the email to your new event unless you manually remove them from the attendee list.

Scenario: You are one of several recipients of an email announcing an event. You tap on the date link in the email and tap again to quickly save the event in your calendar. You suddenly realise, to your horror, that you have just sent personal invitations to everyone on the distribution list for that email. You hurriedly delete the event from your calendar, which sends another email to the whole distribution list, just to compound your embarassment!

Here's how to avoid this pitfall (screenshots taken using the Outlook app on an iPhone):


  1. In this example the email is from your contact, Barnabas.
    Tap the date link in the email:

    01 link
  2. Tap Create Event:

    02 create event

  3. You will see the auto-invited attendees name(s) listed. 
    Tap on the name.

    [Note: this may be hidden under the pop-up keyboard, so you might have to scroll down.]

    03 attendee

  4. Delete any names shown and tap the tick icon to continue...

    04 delete attendee

  5. The attendee field should now display 'People' (not 'Barnabas'):

    06 tap to save

  6. Tap the tick icon to save the event in your calendar.