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Why do I get an error message in Outlook after upgrading to macOS High Sierra (10.13)?

If you haven't kept up-to-date with Microsoft updates before you upgraded your Mac to 'High Sierra' (macOS 10.13), you will see an error message when you try to launch Outlook.

You will see the following dialog box:

High Sierra error message

You'll need to get the most recent Microsoft updates installed. There are three ways to do this. Either:

  1. Open one of your Office applications, which will automatically launch the Microsoft AutoUpdate installer and guide you through the installation process, or

  2. Launch the Microsoft AutoUpdate installer from the menu in any Office application:
    Help > Check for updates, or

  3. Launch the Microsoft AutoUpdate installer manually – you can find it under:
    Hard Disk > Library > Application Support > Microsoft > MAUx.x (where x.x is currently 2.0).

Once the updates are installed, the error message should go away when you open Outlook.