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UAS users

If the UAS desktops are being migrated for us, will I be able to choose when I migrate?

See: UAS/ACN migration to Exchange Online

Once I am extracted from the UAS Exchange, will I still be able to see other UAS accounts?

You will have a brand new profile with only the new Exchange Online (ExOL) account, you'll only be able to see the ExOL environment by default. You can manually add links to shared resources that are still in Exchange On Premise, so you will still be able to access them.

What happens to a person with both Hermes and UAS email accounts?

This will be two separate migrations (if you want both migrated). You will end up with an Exchange Online account containing two folders, one called Hermes by default, which will contain a copy of your Hermes folders, and the second will contain a copy of your UAS folders.