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Mobile devices

What are the settings for mobile devices/unmanaged device connectivity?

We’ve developed instructions for these that you can use to set yourself up. They’ll be available to download as part of the migration process.

Will I still be able to send emails from my native email client on iOS/Android?

Yes. You can configure the iOS and Android native clients to use ActiveSync against Exchange Online, however this leaves your device vulnerable to mobile device management; the AD administrators gain the power to remotely affect your device, up to wiping it completely, depending on the version of the operating system. We have no intention of taking up mobile device management, but bugs and accidents do happen. Microsoft has an Outlook app for both iOS and Android devices, which we recommend you use if you don’t want to use Exchange Online web access. Mobile device management can only influence this app and not the underlying phone or tablet.

I used to be able to send text messages from my Outlook through Outlook Mobile Service; why can’t I do this anymore?

Exchange Online doesn’t support this service any more for carriers outside the USA, Canada and Romania.