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Hermes users

Does the introduction of Exchange Online mean that Hermes will no longer be supported?

There are currently no plans to remove or change support available for Hermes.

What will happen to people with Hermes accounts?

There are two parts to this question: what happens to email stored on Hermes and what happens to mail clients currently accessing Hermes?

What happens to email stored on Hermes?
A migration tool will copy your data from Hermes to Exchange Online. It will also switch the @cam pointer to Exchange Online at the appropriate time. Data migration is a multi-phase process, designed to make sure you always have your old email where your new mail is being sent.

What happens to mail clients currently accessing Hermes?
Scripts are available for Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS platforms to automatically create profiles in various email applications that point to Exchange Online. Staff on the UAS managed desktops will have the reconfiguration done for them as part of the desktop's management.

What happens to people with both Hermes and UAS email accounts?

This will be two separate migrations (if you want both migrated). You will end up with an Exchange Online account containing two folders, one called Hermes by default, which will contain a copy of your Hermes folders, and the second will contain a copy of your UAS folders.

Will my Hermes account stop working after I migrate?

It will stop functioning as your main email account as your email will be redirected to Exchange Online. Once you’ve completed migration any emails sent to your @hermes address will forward to Exchange Online.

Can I still use Exchange Online for my personal email?

Yes, you will be able to use your account for both work and personal email.

Will I need to change @Hermes forwarding?

The migration tool will ask you if you want forwarding set up from Hermes to Exchange Online (and will default to 'yes'). You can unset this option to leave your Hermes arrangements unchanged.

Will mailing lists need to be changed?

Mailing lists whose recipients resolve to @cam addresses will not need to be changed.

Is there a limit to the number of emails that can be migrated from Hermes to Exchange Online?

There is no total limit, but please do not try to migrate more than 40,000 emails in any single folder. You can split these up into smaller folders before migration and re-merge them afterwards if you would prefer.

How do I make sure my archived emails, and emails saved locally, get migrated?

When you created your archive folder, you may not have noticed you were actually creating a folder on your local hard drive, not on the Hermes server. The migration process only migrates data from the server, so it's important that you move any local archives back onto the server before you migrate. If you need to, you can request a temporary increase in your Hermes mailbox quota to accommodate your archives:

Apply for an increase in your Hermes quota >

If you have a separate shared mailbox as an archive, we’ll migrate it separately and you can then decide whether you keep them separate or to combine them after they’ve been migrated.

Will messages in my Drafts and Outbox folders get migrated?

No they won't. We don't recommend queueing up messages in your Outbox for sending later – send messages immediately! Your drafts and outbox messages are stored locally in your email client's Drafts or Outbox folder, not on the server. Only the data on the Hermes server gets migrated, so you need to empty these folders before you migrate.

If I don't like Exchange Online, can I migrate back to Hermes?

Talk to your local IT support about any specific implications of migrating to Exchange Online within your institutional IT environment. Migration back to Hermes is technically possible, but is not being made available to self-service users. Requests to reverse the process will be handled on a case-by-case basis by UIS.