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Will Exchange Online synchronise with the University of Cambridge’s Lookup system?

The global address list will be driven from the active directory and this does run off Lookup, so indirectly, yes. There may be some slight delays in information being synchronised as the current synchronisation runs every three hours.

Will personal contacts imported into Exchange Online be publicly visible by default?

It would depend on the access settings in the user's Exchange Contacts folder. By default, this is set to none, which means only the account holder has access. The Exchange to Exchange migration process doesn't change this, but a user can add extra access to their Contacts folder if they wish.

What are the default settings for sharing calendars (i.e. who can see what by default)?

The default setting is that people can see whether you’re busy, but not the details of any of your meetings. You can open this up in one of two ways; either to everyone or to individuals only.

I used to be able to just type in an address and my email client would auto-complete it for me, but this has stopped working when I send emails they’re not going through. How do I fix this?

You need to clear the cache of addresses that your email client has remembered. Depending on your email client, you should be able to do this all at once. See the help sheet on emptying your Outlook auto-complete list.

If you’d prefer not to totally clear your cache, you can simply select the delete option next to the person’s address. You’ll only need to do this once for each email address and as soon as you’ve re-entered it, it will remember it properly for next time.

Depending on your email client, you may also need to re-save email addresses in your contacts/address book if the above doesn’t solve your issue.

Outlook's default search function searches on text strings from left to right, meaning that if someone has listed themself in Lookup using their title, e.g. Dr., they will appear listed under 'D'. You will find it easier to find for your contacts using the advanced search feature – see Searching for colleagues' addresses (Windows) and Searching for colleagues' addresses (Mac).