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Is there a requirement to maintain my calendar in the Exchange Online system or can I keep it elsewhere?

We ask that you keep it in the Exchange Online system to support easier team working within the UIS.

Can I share my Exchange Online calendar with other people and can I import it into other online calendars?

Yes, you can share your online calendar with other people. If you're both in Exchange Online, it's simply a matter of re-sharing your calendar with the chosen person.

If one person is in Exchange Online and the other is on Exchange On-Premise, we have created documentation to guide you through this process:

How will the migration process handle multiple Google calendars?

You will be able to import multiple Google calendars, which will be visible as separate calendars. Exchange Online does not merge all the calendars together, but imports and holds them separately.

What are the default settings for sharing calendars (i.e. who can see what by default)?

The default setting is that people can see whether you’re busy, but not the details of any of your meetings. You can open this up in one of two ways; either to everyone or to individuals only.