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Thunderbird/ExQuilla for Linux


These instructions are for using a non-Microsoft email client. These clients often have significant functionality limitations and Microsoft does not recommend them for use with Office 365. As a result, the UIS Service Desk is only able to offer best-effort support for these clients, and you may need to use a Microsoft client to resolve certain issues.

Install Thunderbird

  1. If don't have it installed already, download and install Thunderbird.


Install ExQuilla for Microsoft Exchange

  1. Open Thunderbird.
  2. In the Tools menu, select Add-ons to open the add-ons manager.
  3. Select Plugins from the left-hand side.
  4. In the top right, enter ExQuilla and press Enter to search. This will open a new tab in Thunderbird with the search results.
  5. Click the Add to Thunderbird button to install.


Create an Exchange account in ExQuilla

Note: These instructions are adapted from ExQuilla's website and are for ExQuilla version 60. 

  1. After you've installed the ExQuilla add-on, you may add a Microsoft Exchange account by selecting the Tools menu, then ExQuilla for Microsoft Exchange and then Add Microsoft Exchange Account:


  2. You'll be presented with a screen to enter your name and email address for your Microsoft Exchange account:


  3. Enter your @cam email address (e.g. and your UIS Password.

  4. Make sure Remember password is ticked.

  5. Click 'Continue'.

  6. You'll get to a screen where you can set your remaining account information:


  7. Select the Manual option.

  8. Enter the Microsoft Exchange EWS URL, which for Cambridge is:

  9. Enter your name as you want it to appear in the 'From' field of your outgoing email.

  10. If all of your details are correct, you should see "URL test succeeded" along with a green indicator.

  11. If you see a yellow warning symbol please check that the Microsoft Exchange URL is correct, and that your email address and password are correct on the previous screen (you can use the Go Back button to return to this page).

  12. Click Continue. You'll get a summary screen. Click Finish and you're done.